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Becoming a Wavie

Richard Taylor
General Manager Sales

Richard Taylor joined Wavelength in 2009 as a Manager for International Recruitment and is now Wavelength's General Manager Sales.

Prior to joining Wavelength, Richard worked for Hudson as the NSW Manager for HR recruitment and also Michael Page. His transition from a large recruitment company to a more boutique agency, was a positive one and he has not looked back.

How is Wavelength different to other recruitment firms you have worked for?
Wavelength truly values its employees. Employees are passionate about the brand and are as focused on business, as much as personal, success.

Why did you choose to come to a boutique rather than one of the larger well-known recruitment firms?
You can't beat specialisation. The business is clear about who it is and what it does. Marketing can focus all spending and activity on one brand, rather than multiple. A boutique is not trying to be many things to many people.

What are the key things which contribute to your success at Wavelength?
Passion and enjoyment for what I do. Truly believing you are making a difference (I can't say placing an HR person ever felt like I was making the world a better place). The culture of success here drives you to want to be successful.

What do you enjoy most about working at Wavelength?
Cliched as it might sound, it really is the people. They make this a wonderful, supportive, enjoyable place to work. The nature of what we do is a close second - I really love recruiting doctors.