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Meet our People & Culture team

Our People & Culture team includes:

  • Emma Trehy, General Manager People & Culture 
  • Lisa Elias, Capability/Learning & Development Consultant
  • Katie Adams, People & Culture Consultant
  • Hannah Greig, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Emma, Lisa, Katie & Hannah have provided some helpful tips for potential new Wavies.

Emma Trehy - General Manager People & Culture 

Emma joined Wavelength in July 2009 has over 8 years' HR generalist experience and 8 years of agency recruitment experience gained within Australia and the UK.

What advice would you give to new applicants?

Deciding on your next career move is a big decision and at Wavelength we expect individuals to have thought about the reasons why a role at Wavelength is the right one for them, and why they are the right person for Wavelength.

Our recruitment strategy focusses on identifying talent who will contribute to the success of our business. To achieve this we have implemented a structured recruitment process that includes not only a series of formal interviews, but also opportunities to meet with team leaders, business managers and potentially the CEO and director throughout the process. We believe this helps us ensure that an individual is right for the role and also helps the individual to assess if we are the right career opportunity for them.

Another vital ingredient to a successful recruitment process & on-going working relationship is making sure that the Culture here at Wavelength is right for you, and our interview process helps both us & you make that important decision.

We typically look for applicants who demonstrate drive, the ability to achieve outstanding results and the willingness to make a difference. 

How can someone best prepare for the recruitment process?

The aim of our recruitment process is to identify high performers who demonstrate our core values and can bring that little something extra to Wavelength. A well-constructed resume and cover letter which highlight your experience to date and express your interest in the role for which you are applying are crucial. Coming to interview with a strong understanding of our organisation, our values and how you meet the requirements of the role you’re applying for are also essential. Show us why you’re unique and can add value at Wavelength.

Lisa Elias - Capability/Learning & Development Consultant

Lisa joined Wavelength in February 2017 and has over 17 years’ experience in L&D, preceded by a further 8 years in recruitment. Lisa holds an MBA and an MEd and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Training and Development

What is Wavelength’s approach to building capability?

Wavelength has always taken a generous approach to staff development, with numerous opportunities for staff to learn and grow with the business. More recently, we have developed a staff capability framework which covers all the roles in our organisation.

All positions are mapped to this framework -  this means that staff have a very clear picture of what is required of them, how they will be developed, and how they can progress internally. This could be down a recruitment pathway or into other opportunities.

 Similarly, all learning initiatives are linked to this framework, and a clear learning strategy means we are focused on building sustainable people capability from the induction of new staff all the way through to ongoing professional development for our most experienced staff. We constantly review our content and approach to ensure you have what you need, when you need it, making sure we leverage only the most relevant resources and experiences to maximise your potential. 

Katie Adams - People & Culture Consultant 

Katie headshot3

Katie joined Wavelength in November 2017, with over 4 years’ experience in People and Culture across a range of industries. Katie holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science, with a complementary major in Human Resources Management.

What should I expect when I first join Wavelength?

All Wavelength new starters are provided with a tailored induction, ensuring that you feel supported and are best positioned to perform in your role from day one. This support doesn’t stop once your induction is complete! You will continuously be supported by your manager and the People & Culture team to build your capability throughout your career at Wavelength.  

How would you describe Wavelength’s culture?

At Wavelength, we endeavour to stand out as an employer of choice. We want to provide a supportive workplace for our Wavies, where you feel like you can bring your whole self to work. While we are a high performing team, we offer an enjoyable, relaxed environment for our employees. This includes casual dress code, flexible work practice and many lunchtime activities tailored towards employee health and well-being.  

Hannah Greig - Talent Acquisition Specialist

Hannah headshot

Hannah joined Wavelength in November 2017 and has over 5 years’ experience working in Human Resources, specialising in recruitment.

What was your first impression of Wavelength when you joined?

I thought “This is an incredible company”. Everyone works hard but they are always happy to help each other. Even though we are all very busy and juggling multiple tasks, collaboration is very evident within Wavelength.The company culture is vibrant and energetic. It’s a busy, buzzing place to work with plenty of opportunities to grow and learn.

Who should apply to be a part of the Wavelength team?

We look for people who display resilience and positivity. You must be happy working in a busy environment and enjoy being part of a team. There are great days, and there are challenging days, and you have to be prepared for both. If you’re looking for a company where you will work hard while making a real difference to the business and to society, then please get in touch!


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