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Choose the right workplace for you

Still basking in the glow of backing a winner?

We hope that whatever your chosen punt was earlier this week, it came good. Maybe you used strict criteria and evaluated your steed’s breed, racing experience, weight, or average speed. Or maybe you just used your intuition because you just knew your pick would come good.

Calculated evaluation or gut feel, each approach has merit. Even in the world of work.

Why making a choice matters?

When you are feeling like it might be time to make a move, sprint ahead and maybe go after a promotion, or even a change of career, it is always worth considering the question;

“Do I really believe in what this company does?”

Many of our employees have been with Wavelength for 5+ years, but whether they're long-termers or have only recently joined the company, they have the answer to this question in common. They tend to feel a sense of connection to the mission and goals of the company. They care about the service we provide and the impact that it has on doctors, hospitals and those in need of health care services. This kind of connection and shared sense of meaning is something we highly recommend you look for when you are searching for that next position.

In our recent employee engagement survey

  • 98% of employees felt good about the way we contribute to the community.
  • 98% of employees felt a sense of pride when they look at what we have accomplished

Our mission at Wavelength is to provide medical professionals and healthcare employers with high quality locum, contract and permanent recruitment solutions. On the ground this translates to matching the right medical professionals with practices and hospitals that are most in need.

Focusing squarely on the finish line makes sense, but don’t lose sight of other opportunities that might inspire your people.

In addition to our core mission we try to foster a sense of meaning and purpose by actively supporting a number of internationally renowned charities and not-for-profit organisations, that we believe are committed to and working towards causes that align with our expertise, experience and values. Wavies enjoy the opportunities this provides.

So, let's review some highlights

Here are some top tips from our experience for making sure you bet on the winning organisation for you:

  • Think about what motivates and inspires you and look for a company in that industry sector, or a closely related one, does it provide products or services with which you would want to be associated with?
  • Put yourself in the shoes of someone who already works at company X – will you be proud of telling your friends you work for them?
  • Consider your strengths and weaknesses as objectively as you can and seek out positions that support and play to your strengths
  • You want a shared sense of meaning, but you also want a culture you fit into – consider what is important to you in the workplace. Is it fun, openness, free exercise classes, flexible working hours, or work/life balance that appeals to you?
  • Find out what the general vibe is – look for the employer's careers site. Ours is here. Explore the wavies site and you'll get a feel for what it’s like to work at Wavelength. We hope you like what you see.

If you'd like to register your interest please contact:
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