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Communicating workplace culture through our website - the journey

Welcome to my first blog on our new Wavies website.Kellie Egan and Emma Trehy at Wave Offices

When embarking on this project I envisioned a site that exuded the Wavelength spirit. My expectations have been exceeded by a mile!

Creating the Wavies site meant that Emma Trehy, my colleague, and I, needed to hone in on what makes Wavelength a great place to work. We wanted to distil those attributes down into an engaging and informative format that would ultimately achieve what we in the Talent Management world like to think of as an ultimate communication tool. A tool that provides the ability to communicate a workplace culture in a way that mirrors experiencing it first-hand.

Have we succeeded?

I hope so but I’ll let you be the judge.

Successful companies may require capable and experienced talent, but without building and fostering a caring, respectful and happy culture I’m not so sure success is sustainable long-term. At least not in a way that allows all employees to own a piece of that success. An engaged workforce is a richly studied and hotly debated area in Talent Management and our experience here at Wavelength suggests that we’re working on the right issues;

  • Recruiting the right talent into the right roles
  • Recognising, developing and rewarding our people
  • Continually rethinking and reworking our talent strategies to meet the future needs of our company and the markets that we serve

Back to the site itself; I like the panoramic home page and the ability to engage with the site by hovering over images and discovering new information. Kudos to Left, Right and Centre – nicely done guys!

First time visitors to our office are usually very impressed with the space and design of the working environment, and often comment on the level of energy and how approachable everyone is. Hopefully we’ve captured that sentiment.

Interestingly, Ross Clennett who is very well known in the recruitment industry and has a large blog following (yes, I can admit I am very envious of the number of people following Ross’ blog) commented on 20th January that in his ospinion most recruitment company websites are not that good at all. We’re definitely aiming to avoid falling into that bucket.

I also have to say thank you for a generous acknowledgement on twitter - thanks Ross!

I am always keen to hear feedback, and if there are any topics you would be interested in me or someone else at Wavelength sharing here then please let me know

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