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13 March 2018 | by |

Here at Wavelength, diversity, equality and inclusion are at the core of our values. Along with our membership to the Diversity Council Australia, we have a newly formed Wavelength Diversity Committee, which has already started planning multiple events and opportunities to explore and advocate for diversity in the workplace, for both our Wavelength team and our clients.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Our first event came in the form of a bake sale for International Women’s Day, where we raised funds for White Ribbon Australia. The Wave team went all out and produced some seriously scrumptious baked goods, raising $285!

Not only did we enjoy delicious bites to eat, but we were honoured to host an inspirational talk by White Ribbon Ambassador, Matt de Groot. On top of his work with NOVA 969, FOX Sports, the ABC and as a panelist for The Morning Show, Matt is a passionate advocate to end of violence against women!

Matt de Groot - White RibbonMatt de Groot, White Ribbon Ambassador & Hannah Greig of Wavelength
organised the inspiring Women's Day event in the Wavelength office,
supporting White Ribbon Australia.


Supporting White Ribbon Australia

White Ribbon is Australia’s largest male-lead campaign to end violence against women, and it’s Ambassadors are men who recognise the importance of men taking responsibility and playing a key role in preventing violence against women. Matt spoke to us about the terrifying statistics of violence against women in Australia. Every week, a woman is killed by her current or former partner in Australia alone. Matt spoke passionately about what we can do as individuals, and particularly what other men can do to change this and bring an end to the violence.

What Matt highlighted was the fact that socio-economic status is far less of a factor than we think, and while we may not hear about abuse among our friends, it is far more prevalent than we believe, and it is never as simple as just leaving someone who abuses you.

White Ribbon Ambassador, Matt de Groot presenting to Wavelength on International Women's Day

So, what can we do to help?

Matt emphasised the importance of speaking up and speaking out. The silly jokes about chaining your wife to the kitchen sink, seem harmless, but in reality, these comments underpin what we think is acceptable, and most importantly forms what our children think is okay. Matt says the best way to combat this is not to laugh at jokes that are inappropriate, and to speak up when you hear derogatory things said. Mainly, we need to think about what we would do if we heard someone speak about our mothers, sisters, wives or daughters in this way.

Cake sale

There were plenty of delicious treats available to purchase in support of the White Ribbon Foundation. 
Here we have mango and coconut meringues with Persian fairy floss.


Things are changing!

With the #TimesUp and #MeToo campaigns in the last few months, more and more awareness and change is happening all the time. However, as Matt pointed out, we have a long way to go, and we need to end such a horrific statistic of one woman a week being killed in domestic violence, not to mention the children that are caught up in those situations.

A massive thank you to Matt for inspiring us all to do more and speak up more. Along with the $285 raised from the bake sale, Wavelength donated an additional $500 to White Ribbon Australia, which will fund resources and training for teachers to embed respectful relationships in their classroom.


To find out more and lend your support visit:  https://www.whiteribbon.org.au/

- Camilla Mutton, Wavelength International

Diversity Committee and Matt

Matt de Groot with Wavelength's Nella Falero, Camilla Mutton, and Hannah Greig

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