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Recognising our Wavies - the right way

Recognising our Wavies - the right way

When it comes to employee motivation and recognition, the recruitment industry has traditionally relied on aggressive competition and lucrative financial incentives to drive sales performance.  This high pressure corporate environment with its work hard play hard culture often results in high levels of employee mistrust, stress, burnout and ultimately turnover.

At Wavelength, we have always believed there are better ways to motivate and inspire our Wavies. And although a healthy dose of competition can increase productivity, we believe an empowered, collaborative and engaged team is more fundamental to the long term success of any business.

Allowing real work life balance, reducing workplace stress, encouraging team spirit and trust between colleagues, setting inspiring goals and recognising achievements in a non-competitive way all contribute to increasing motivation and productivity. Underpinning our approach is the firm belief that recognising Wavies for the right behaviours is as important as the recognition itself.

So what really makes Wavelength so different?


Although we work within the traditional financial incentive framework, we continually highlight and recognise the importance of quality and integrity. Each recruiter has a set of goals linked to the quality of service provided which impacts on their commission at the end of each quarter. There are no results boards or bells ringing. In fact, you would be hard pressed to spot our highest billers around the recruiting floor.

Celebrating achievements

We are focused on collaboration and our teams regularly work together to deliver outcomes. Wavies recognise and celebrate each other’s achievements via our internal social media platform, our internal rewards system and our regular social events.

Awards and events

Our corporate values of Excellence, Integrity, Ingenuity and Heart are recognised monthly with our Values Awards. These are given to any of our Wavies who have truly demonstrated our values during the month. Our quarterly Gold Wave Award also recognises the Wavie who has gone above and beyond in their role during the preceding quarter.

The WOTYAs (Wavie of the Year Awards) are held once a year to celebrate the successes of Wavelength and individuals across the business. The evening includes the presentation of a series of awards to thank particular Wavies for their efforts during the year.

We also hold two more large events each year – the Christmas and Wavelength birthday parties. While the WOTYAs are an evening focused on the award-giving ceremony, these other two parties are designed solely as a thank you and to ensure our Wavies relax and socialise. We also all enjoy Friday night drinks in the office which is a great way to end the week, celebrate successes and socialise across the teams.

Send a Wave rewards system

We regularly remind employees to think about who exhibits the Wavelength values through everyday behaviours and actions, and encourage them to recognise each other using the Send a Wave program. This program allows employees to send a fellow Wavie a Bronze or Silver ‘Wave’ along with a personal message to say thank you for going the extra mile. The employee receives a specific number of points in the system which can then be redeemed for cash.

Team rewards

When all members of a team meet a certain level with their quarterly goals, the team is given a budget to go out and spend on an activity of their choice, such as lunch, lawn bowls or even a pole-dancing class!

Wavie Day

We provide all employees with an additional day of paid leave per year called a Wavie Day to say thank you for their efforts and recognise diverse interests and commitments. Employees can use this day for whatever they choose; spending time with their family, taking a long weekend with their partner or going to a match and supporting their favourite team.


All employees receive a birthday and Christmas gift from the Directors and reward points are also allocated in the ‘Send a Wave’ system on each anniversary of their first day at Wavelength.

Preserving our culture

We work hard to preserve our unique culture, one which is focused on quality, teamwork and a genuine wish to go above and beyond for clients, candidates and colleagues. We recruit carefully to select people who fit and thrive in our culture, and this is reflected in the general atmosphere of welcoming chatter and teamwork that greets you when you walk through the door.

And the results?

These methods have been a great success here at Wavelength. Not only was Wavelength the only recruitment company in Australia to be recognised in the BRW 2015 Top 50 Best Places to Work Study, but the way in which we actively recognise our employees for their outstanding achievements has resulted in consistent employee engagement levels of 90% or above.*

Moreover, recognising our Wavies for focusing on quality and servicing clients in the best way possible – rather than purely incentivising with financial targets – has led to increased profits and the differentiation of our services as exceptional in the market.

 *According to Wavelength surveys conducted by WRDI, GPTW and CultureAmp.