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Workplace flexibility - we walk the talk!

Workplace flexibility - we walk the talk!

 Workplace flexibility is a hot topic in the business world as organisations move to get the best out of their employees – wherever or whenever they need to work during the working week.

Taking a different approach to traditional ways of working such as creating new role structures, job sharing, shifting working hours, offering part time or full time options and flexibility around work location are all now being introduced in workplaces with varying degrees of success.

At Wavelength, we don’t just talk the talk – we’ve been driving this evolution right from the word go. Since our inception over 16 years ago, flexibility has been embraced as an important element of our culture.

Our founders John Bethell and Claire Ponsford were passionate about creating a workplace culture providing real work life balance, focusing on the health and wellbeing of employees whilst recognising and rewarding contribution to business success.  And they have realised this vision in every way. 

In fact, this genuine commitment has laid the foundations for our award winning culture. You don’t just walk away with some of the best Australian employment awards without recognising and delivering on what makes your employees engaged and valued. 

So how does workplace flexibility work at Wave?

It’s not where you work, it’s what you deliver

We believe flexible working practices foster a culture of trust and accountability. Our one day a week remote working policy allows Wavies to benefit from both the collaboration and camaraderie of an office environment and the freedom and opportunity of working offsite.

Recent GALLUP research findings* highlighted that employees who work remotely, even part of the time, are both more engaged (32% vs 28%) and more productive as they log on an average of four additional hours per week in comparison to those working solely onsite.

A study conducted by Regus in 2012**, surveying over 16,000 senior business managers around the world has found that 72% of global businesses reported higher levels of employee productivity as a result of workplace flexibility, increasing to 75% in their 2013# findings.

We understand you have other commitments

Currently 22% of Wavies work on a part time basis for a variety of reasons, largely due to family or study commitments but also for lifestyle and personal reasons. 

A working day to suit you

Whilst our working week is still the traditional 38 hours, Wavies can work these hours flexibly between 7am and 7pm each day, with one day working remotely once they’ve passed their probation period. 

We also now have 3 employees who are based interstate working from home on a permanent basis, visiting Sydney for training, key updates and social events.

And parents, you can have it all …

Flexibility for parents returning to the workforce has also been a key focus for us. We introduced paid parental leave in 2005 and today 10% of our workforce consists of parents who have returned to Wavelength after either one or two periods of maternity leave.  In these cases, we have offered flexible part time roles to suit childcare commitments.

Wavelength International

Over the years, our workplace culture has been recognised by some of Australia’s top employment awards:

BRW Best Places to Work

2013 Position 30
2012 Position 28
2011 & 2010 Position 30

Australian Business Awards

2011 & 2008 Recommended Employer

Recruitment Excellence Awards

2010 Best Brand and Best Learning & Development Plan 
2009 Best Boutique Agency

*Gallup research included in the State of America Workforce Report 2013 -

**Regus - Flexibility drives productivity - February 2012 -

#Regus - The flexible road to workforce productivity - November 2013 -