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Giving back

Charitable partnerships

Wavelength is extremely proud of our partnerships with charitable organisations that share our passion for providing healthcare solutions to communities in need.

The Fred Hollows Foundation

Wavelength is a Fred Hollows Foundation pledge donor and a founding member of ‘The Miracle Club’. Members provide long-term commitments to the foundation which also provides confidence and security of funds on a multiple year time horizon. We see it as a partnership and not just a means of donating funds to a worthwhile cause.

Wavies regularly raise money for the organisation and take part in programs and events the Foundation runs. One example is the Fred Hollows Coastrek event. Each year, Wavies volunteer to take part in this 55km trek which isn’t for the fainthearted! We arrange training walks and fundraising events as part of this commitment.

Médecins Sans Frontières

Wavelength International sponsors relevant Médecins Sans Frontières activities, like photographic exhibitions, to support and highlight the extensive and valuable work volunteers and medical professionals do in countries suffering from devastation.

Love Mercy

Love Mercy was founded by Olympic athlete Eloise Wellings, and exists to empower communities in Northern Uganda to overcome the poverty caused by the horrors of war. Wavelength are helping to raise $40,000 to fund an extension to the Love Mercy medical clinic, the only one within a 72km radius. This will enable the clinic to provide maternity services, including the provision of care for premature babies.

UNSW School of Medicine Wavelength International Indigenous Travel Scholarship

The Wavelength International Indigenous Travel Scholarship provides UNSW medical students outside of the Sydney Metropolitan area with the funds to travel back to their community and visit family during the academic year. This also helps these students to address their local community and encourage more students to consider a degree and career in medicine.