Induction program

Induction program

At Wavelength, being the real you with a growth mindset, that’s what we expect.

Let’s call it out, no-one is perfect and that’s ok! We recognise the importance of continuous improvement and support for all Wavies. Partnering with Cornerstone, Wavelength has implemented Brainwaves, an online system to enhance your development in Learning and Performance.

We’re a high performance culture and you will be challenged but we aim to create a learning environment to support your growth and upskill you to deliver results. In turn, we hope you find a sense of job satisfaction.

Our L&D system Brainwaves provides a range of resources, assessments and materials which can be beneficial to you and can be accessed on nearly every personal device. Have a look below on how Wavelength can develop you:

+  Access and manage your induction schedule and any other assigned learning

+  Access to over 1000 online courses in areas such as Time Management, Sales & Service, Productivity

+  Access to over 100 Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association (RCSA) webinars

+  Tailored search results based on your interests

+  Create and share your own learning “Playlist”

+  Earn reward badges for your learning efforts

+  Apply for external learning online or classroom workshops

+  Access to your learning transcript

Part of your induction program requires you to work in collaboration with your manager to decide your personal goals for the year. These goals will be aligned to your role and discussed along your journey through quarterly conversations.

We encourage continuous conversations as we recognise the benefits, you will have the opportunity to provide your feedback, amend your personal goals and discuss areas to improve yourself using the L&D tools as your guide.

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