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IT Systems Administrator - Jerremy Windeyer

Jerremy joined Wavelength in 2013 as an IT systems administrator with over ten years’ of IT, networking and consulting experience.

How would you describe your work day?
One word - erratic. Some days I get to sleep in a bit and other days I’m woken up by an early phone call asking for support. Every now and then, I work a graveyard shift and work back to run system updates. In this role, I work with everyone in the business, for any type of IT related task such as support, back-end systems and project collaboration. I do try to fit in a workout at lunchtime to break up the day. And sneak in a pub lunch every now and then as a reward for my good efforts.

What are your main activities in a typical working day?
If I was going to make a pie chart, it would 70% support and 30% project work. Support covers all areas of the business – desktop, phone, network, server and security. IT projects are where I spend the other part of my day. For example, I’m currently working on rolling out an updated version of Windows for desktops in the business and I’m looking at an alternative service provider for our phones. 

How important is team work to you?
As my role has me working with everyone, the company is effectively my team. Good communication and rapport allows me to work efficiently and effectively. Everyone has a part to play in keeping everything running smoothly. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Wavelength? 
This is the longest job I have held to date and a huge part of that is the people I work with. There are days where I love what I do and other days where I don’t, but working with the right people makes all the difference. I have to hand it to the People & Culture team for always being able to find people that fit into our ecosystem perfectly.