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It takes a special someone to join the Wavelength International team. Professionalism and integrity are non-negotiable. 'Wavies' are energetic, passionate and driven to achieve within a culture based on our core values of excellence, integrity, ingenuity and heart. Everyone is appreciated for their unique qualities they bring to the business. 

The effort we put into finding the right people is reflected around the office. We are a diverse group of individuals and yet we all have a similar essence; each team has its own personality; yet we all get together as a group. We are a truly cohesive and genuinely passionate organisation.

We assess employee engagement twice a year with confidential surveys. This is one of many ways in which Wavies have a say on what is going well and what they would like to see improved. In a recent employee engagement survey 96% of our Wavies stated that Wavelength International is a great place to work.

External feedback from an engagement survey conducted through WRDI Institute (Workplace Relationship Development Indicator) reinforced our Wavies thoughts:

Wavelength International is an example of an SME with very strong leadership from the top, and a high level of investment in sound people management policies and practices (and consequent high ROI from the same). The company is to be congratulated for this outstanding commitment and achievement”.  

                 - Colin Beams, WRDI Institute Pty Ltd.