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Why we're unique

Rewards & Recognition


Wavies work hard, they are motivated in their roles, genuinely want to achieve outstanding results and all Wavies are rewarded with eligibility to participate in bonus programs relevant to their role. 

Team Rewards


Wavie teams go the extra mile and deliver extraordinary outcomes as a group. Teams that achieve their quarterly targets get team rewards paid for by Wavelength. Examples of recent team rewards include lunches/dinners at award winning restaurants, spa treatments, Harley Davidson rides, cocktail courses, wine tasting tours, escape room adventures and lawn bowls.  

Thank Bank

The Thank Bank is our rewards platform designed to enable Wavies to recognise the contribution and efforts of a particular Wavie in a public or private way. The online forum enables users to send thanks and some of them even have a monetary value which gets deposited directly into your bank account! 


Wavies enjoy celebrating birthdays. The day starts with desk decorations such as balloons, streamers and signs. We also gather around the kitchen area for a good birthday sing-a-long and plenty of cake.  

Celebrating Success

We celebrate our achievements with three annual events – a party to celebrate our anniversary, our annual Christmas party and our Wavie of the Year Awards (WOTYAs) which reward and recognise our achievements as a team over the year.